Capt. Floyd P. Bermejo

Graduate 2001
A320 Captain - Air Phil Express



Niel Sanaco

AMT Course Graduate 2011
Lufthansa Technik - Philippines

Aircraft Maintenance


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We understand your passion in flying and we believed that taking a step forward in attaining your dreams requires a partner who’s committed in making your venture into success.  Whether you aim to become a private pilot flying your own plane for recreation or business, a career-minded individual seeking for an airline or corporate flying, or wanted to learn maintaining the intricate design of the flying machine, then Aviation Training One International will help you achieve that goal.

With over a decade of providing flight and maintenance training in the industry, our experience and dedication in quality training put us the number one choice for individuals who share the same interest and enthusiasm with us.  Nevertheless, our goal is for you to become a competent and safe pilot or mechanic. And together we can achieve a wonderful and rewarding experience.

Getting Started

  • 1
    Becoming a Pilot

    Passion for flying is one of the factor why most professional pilots succeed.

  • 2
    An Aircraft Mechanic

    Becoming an aircraft maintenance technician is one of the best professions in any industry. 

  • 3
    Flight Dispatch

    Flight Operations Officer supports company’s aircraft from the ground up whether it’s for training,


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